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The War Cycle – May 2019

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When Crimea Events occurred, I wrote these two english texts. The intent was to explain what was beginning in Ukraine with Crimea, and the possible other wars in other areas. The target was OSCE and the main european bodies and  leaders. I believe none of these targets understood really what has happened since Crimea events. It is obvious now. This is a common and global issue : how to explain this to the world leaders and be sure that they will understand and will not let their clock of the Unconscious lead the events like they are doing now ?

To be or not to be a random war – 2014-04-15

Pros and Cons arguments about the Return Cycle – 2014-04-15

 Main French Documents


2003 Edition : available at Publibook in France

Edition Publibook 2003On the cover page, you have already 2015. This book is still published and the main evidence that you can foresee the time period of wars more than 10 years before. There is a table of the expected war time periods for the 21th century. Some data used for the initial calculation of the cycle period (3085) are only in this book.

2012 Edition  : only available by request to the author

Edition 2012In 2012, EPUB format was available. The paper book was printed for the author but never distributed. The publisher stopped any activity and no paper or electronic release is available. Still a great frustation to be able to know what will happen and to be unable to explain it and avoid it. A reference to be kept in mind for historian people.

2017 Edition :

An update is scheduled in 2017

Not published essays:

Will Jerulasem be  in peace  one day ? – 2014 – in french only (in 2010, knowing by the “War Cycle” there would be a new war in the israeli-arab context, the author imagined what could be done to find a solution to this conflict. The document was updated in 2014. It was refused by french publishers. You have access to the french manuscrit of this never published book. No update scheduled)