Ukraine-Russia: What agreement? Crimea

The idea is to successively test different ideas and adapt them if there is feedback.

So let’s start with Crimea.

Crimea’s belonging to Ukraine is a curiosity of history: a gift made by Khrushchev to Ukraine of the Crimean peninsula which is largely Russian, starting with Sevastopol. What is given is given. Its resumption by Russia is not justifiable: a stunt. The referendum held in 2 weeks makes no sense. On the other hand, to propose a referendum under international control makes sense, but it is necessary to determine 2 things

  • The conditions under which this referendum can take place (population concerned, absence of censorship, authorization of the ukrainian language , control of the referendum, etc. )
  • The question of the referendum

On this last point, there are many possibilities that can be transformed into questions:

  • Autonomous Republic attached to Ukraine or Russia
  • Independent Republic
  • Autonomous Republic associated with Russia and Ukraine
    This may seem strange, but there are real and funny situations: a state can exist and have a form of two-headed power on which it depends: for example, the state of Andorra depends on both the French Republic (the president in title) and a bishop. Such an association of two states may seem strange but is possible. Decisions can only be applied with the agreement of the two associated sponsors, but the day-to-day management is always done by a local authority proposed by the sponsors and validated of local representatives. So Crimea could be simultaneously attached to Ukraine and Russia

On the other hand, a referendum would only make sense if a free press allows everyone to express themselves and if the opponents have the right to exist and to express themselves.

This would require at least 6 months to a year of preparation.

What does Kiev think? The question has not yet been asked. Kiev’s only chance would be to achieve an attractive internal status for minorities. That is to say? Think about it …

There can be a clause saying that Kiev can ask for this referendum whenever it wants, with a one-year deadline for its realization.

The next point will be on the Donbass if there is a beginning of agreement on the point “Crimea”, ie:

  • body in charge of the supervision of the referendum: OSCE or UN,
  • retained questions (later we can remove some with the agreement of the 2, but not add any.

If Ukraine and Russia are not aware, nothing more will happen.

to be continued, if someone finds some interest in the subject

Updated on April 11, 2022

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