Russia-Ukraine War: Facts, “War Cycle” and past Return


February 22, 2022 Russian troops enter the Donbass occupied by the separatists

On 23 February the war was extended to the whole of Ukraine with the clear objective of taking total control of Ukraine. One could speak of a desire for organized dismemberment. Crimea remains in Russia, Donbass and Luhansk are extended and given to the “self-proclaimed republics” and what remains will be occupied militarily with all the ingredients of a military control, including dismissal, even execution or imprisonment of everything that does not correspond to what the Russians want.

The fighting is ongoing. If there is serious resistance from the Ukrainian army, it is difficult to imagine that the struggle between the pot of clay and the pot of iron will end in the victory of the pot of clay.

Everyone is in shock. I had to force myself to try to make a coherent objective assessment of this research to write these few lines.

War Cycle

The January 23 text “Does a cyclical phenomenon favor War and Peace ?” contained the forecast analysis of wars in the period 2022-2026 for Europe which was updated on December 30, 2021 and has changed little in the last 2 or 3 years.

Overall, it said that there would be a war that would involve:

  • a country of the former socialist bloc
  • with a direct or indirect Russian component

The analysis ended with an analogy to the 2008 Georgia and 2014 Ukrainian wars, indicating that it would likely be on a larger scale

See: european context This analysis has not been updated with respect to the situation created since February 22, just to make it possible to consult the forecast.

We are theoretically a little more than a month away from the beginning of the amplification phase, but as the phases are approximate, the forecasts were presented for the period 2022-2026

The prediction of the “War Cycle” is therefore accurate, even if an initiative of such magnitude was not imagined and described in the forecast.

Once again, this confirms the “War Cycle”, even if it is sad to say that it is true..

Past Return

In relation with the “Return Theory”, what does this war remind us of?

  • Return of 2014 = first return according to the “Return Theory”, generally not very important compared to that of 25 years and which in this case is multiplied by an unmeasurable factor
  • Return of the USSR and its usual management of the wills of emancipation, except that we have never had such an outburst of violence and destruction (it is a continuation of the reverse Return of the disintegration of the USSR started in 2014)
  • Return of the carving up of Poland in 1939 by a joint action of Nazi Germany and the Soviets?

Whether in terms of the number of deaths, refugees, destruction, troops involved or consequences, there is no known event strictly comparable to the attack of a small or medium-sized country by a large one. We will have to wait for some time to be able to make an objective assessment, but the European demons of war are back on a scale that no one would have dared to imagine just two weeks ago.

What can we conclude?

It is not glorious to try to show an intellectual victory for having described the probable outline of a war that confirms the “War Cycle”

It is frightening to note with incredulity the “fake news” used to justify this war:

  • genocide by Ukrainians
  • Ukrainian Nazi regime
  • democratically elected power called puppet

Have they gone mad, unable to distinguish the truth from the “fake news” invented from scratch, most often by their own services or sympathizers? The truth does not matter in Russia, what matters is that the appearance presented is believed, even if it is false or too partisan to be credible.

A bit like the war against Iraq in 2003, which successively invented “nuclear weapons” and terrorist groups.

Is it the war that pushes one to say anything and invent these state lies? It seems so, as if the justification given was only a rattle for fools like us who believe everything they are told.

February 27, 2022

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