The Clock of the Unconscious

Site for sharing studies and experiments

This site aims to share some advanced studies as well as projects and experimental results.

These advanced studies and experiments are insufficiently developed to be published in a specialized journal or in a book that would find a sufficient audience to be edited. This difficulty to publish in specialized journals or a simple book is probably temporary but real.

Such a site gives  a view on these studies and experiments to give the opportunity to read about them or to participate in their development. You can see what would be available in laboratories several years before their official publication. For researchers, these could be “rough” but “unfinished” research leads. These leads have already given rise to uses that give promising results, making it possible to assert that the concepts are “validated”, even if there is still a long way to go before making them a recognized reality.

Global presentation of the website

There are several parts:

  • The Clock of the Unconscious itself, which is a cyclical phenomenon that has multiple impacts, including and not only wars. The possible applications concern the forecasting of wars and crises as well as foresight and strategy.
  • The War Cycle is derived from the Clock of the Unconscious but it is considered preferable to make a separate presentation of it. the “War Cycle” can be evaluated and used in this way without having to assimilate and accept the other concepts of the Clock of the Unconscious.
  • Understanding: This part presents concepts concerning the causes of wars and a theorization of communication. These concepts are intended to model the impact of the Clock of the Unconscious and to provide a useful toolbox for understanding and resolving conflicts. The main concept presented here is the modeling of the outbreak of wars. This modeling is essential to understand how the “War Cycle” works.
    In this part “understanding” has been added what is necessary to know in order to “obtain and supervise a ceasefire“.
  • Applied studies: There are several types of applied studies:
    • forecasting war or crisis
    • Contemporary conflict studies providing analyses and results of practical applications in order to propose usable methodologies.
      This site does not pretend to analyze all the conflicts but only some of them, according to the means and resources available.


What can this site do for you?

  • New concepts based on a cyclical phenomenon described in different forms:
    • Returns from the past
    • The “War Cycle”
    • Relative Analysis of Unforeseen Events
    • Disturbing examples of parallelism in history (soon to be integrated on this site)
  • elements of understanding conflicts (e.g. modeling the outbreak of wars)
  • Forecasts of wars and crises based on both a classical analysis and the specificities of the cyclical phenomenon of the Clock of the Unconscious Clock which provide additional information.
  • Assistance in conflict resolution, starting with the ceasefire
  • Proposals for experimentation and the report of these experiments if they see the light of day.


This site is intended for people who want to understand as well as for specialists and professionals who would like to develop one or the other of these aspects, or use them.  Those who want to know more can use the contact form . A priori, all supplements not described and not developed on the site are available on request. (A website is first of all a presentation brochure, not a reference book of these studies).

updated on November 14, 2020