September 11, 2001

An Example of Relative Analysis Applied to the Event of September 11, 2001

Relative analysis made on October 8, 2001

On October 8, 2001 a relative analysis was done to understand the unconscious consequences of the event of September 11, 2001 that had not been foreseen by any method. The enormity of the event led to the question of what the consequences would be and how the United States of America would behave.

Relative analysis of September 11, 2001:

A Relative analysis is done by looking for all dates that are within 3085 days or a multiple of 3085 days from the analyzed event. It is then a question of identifying all the major events that are + or – 6 months away from the dates identified as multiples of 3085 days. These major events may enter into “resonance” and become an unconscious motivation that will explain the unconscious behavior of the United States in the face of the event of September 11, 2001.

These relative dates (i.e. a multiple of 3085 days) with respect to September 11, 2001 are :

April 1, 1993 – a few weeks before the first attack on the World Trade Center.

October 20, 1984

May 10, 1976

November 29, 1967

June 19, 1959

January 7, 1951

July 28, 1942 – just over 6 months from Pearl Harbor

February 15, 1934

5 septembre 1925

March 26, 1917 – 11 days before the declaration of war on Germany by the United States.

The relative analysis of September 11, 2001 applied to the United States and their past behavior indicates:

1 – a strange coincidence: the towers of the World Trade Center have known only 2 attacks, by chance they have the interval close to that of the Return Theory

2 -The unconscious periods awakened by this event are by chance close to the periods of the engagement of the USA in the 2 World Wars.

Conclusion of the relative analysis of September 11, 2001 carried out on October 8, 2001 :

From the relative analysis of the unconscious motivations of the USA, the event of September 11 will provoke in the Americans the impression of being in a world war even if they are almost alone militarily engaged (proximity of the 2 commitments of the USA in the 2 world wars).

Even if the objectives seem unclear, it will trigger for a while this need for armed struggle in the long run, as if they were at war for several years.

Confirmation of the relative analysis of October 8, 2001

What happened afterwards confirmed the behaviour of the United States of America. They went to war, all over the place: against terrorism, against Afghanistan and later against Iraq. In their unconscious they were reliving a world war, the war against Iraq was to be the climax and the caricature of it, to the point of wanting to involve all countries in the liberation of the World, as if the liberation of Iraq was the liberation of the World at the end of the Second World War.