Who are we?

Who is the author today?

He is an individual who thinks and puts his thoughts on a site rather than on paper: a citizen of the earth who lives in Europe and more particularly in France.

This individual became interested in a few subjects, looking for answers he could not find in his contemporaries. A few answers were found and are progressing slowly, at the speed of someone who spends a little time there in his spare time.

Today, the author alone is responsible for all the developments, their financing and publication on this site, including the translation and publication of the site in English, with the probable errors on the part of someone whose mother tongue is not English.

Tomorrow, who will be the authors?

Tomorrow, it could be a host of different authors, each bringing a different perspective on one or more subjects. The solitary author will have succeeded in transforming himself into an association in which everyone finds his place.

Will tomorrow see the light of day? One day maybe, but we don’t know when. It’s hard to come up with an idea and tell everyone: look what I found. The first reaction is to run away. The author knows that he needs to make this mutation from solitary author to association in order to exist.

What goal is being pursued?

To have the opportunity to inform, discuss, share and allow this research of today and tomorrow to be continued. This can take many different forms:

  • presentations, debates, communication
  • books, articles
  • integration into existing systems and teams
  • … and all that one can imagine if it really informs and confronts the ideas of today to build those of tomorrow.

This research has not yet been evaluated.

The author might be a little bit of you if you put your complementary idea to these reflections.