Associates and partners


We are in a phase of transformation towards an association. The proposed name is ” Clock Club”. The association will be of European law, in a European country. Which country? It will depend on the possible advantages in one or the other country.

Si c’était en France, ce serait une association loi de 1901.

There will be a Steering Committee composed of

  • a president,
  • a vice-president,
  • a treasurer,
  • a secretary, in charge of the overall operation of the association,

These studies and experiments can only continue if they are institutionalized.

The “Clock Club” will have:

  • active members (they have to pay their quarterly dues to have this status)
  • honorary members,
  • Associate members who do not contribute but are associated with the experiments in progress.

The operation will be specified in:

  • the statutes
  • the internal rules of procedure


An association cannot hope to live on these subjects without having partners who have a shared interest in advancing together on the studies and experiments carried out within the “Clock Club”.