Today, the first problem is to find a credible expression in both form and content. These are subjects that profoundly shake up preconceived ideas that can provoke irrational reactions of rejection, or refusal to examine the substance. The fact that all this was started outside of institutional circles does not help.

Since the beginning of 2022, presentations are made to those who ask for them. Preferably in person, but any form of communication is possible.

These presentations allow for a better understanding of the reactions of those who read them, in order to find a suitable form and also to enhance the substance of the work that has been done.

The author does not hide the difficulty of the subject. The demonstration remains complex, mainly because it is asked to admit a phenomenon that has an influence but cannot be considered as the only cause. To demonstrate the existence of an invisible cause, when there are other visible ones, is not obvious, since one has to believe in something that one cannot see and that can only be understood by statistical deduction.

Moreover, the subject often provokes misunderstandings. It can happen that some people, when they learn about it, make an analogy with astrology or something somewhat magical, even divine. This does not correspond to the reality of these studies. Explaining that there is an invisible cause today, complementary to the other visible causes, is not always understood at the beginning. It is necessary to return to the subject to hope for more rational reactions.

Associates and partners are those who consider themselves as such. The subjects of this site and their novelties can only be recognized with the participation of many people, whether they are in favor, opposed or critical of what is presented.

Updated on May 23, 2022