Associates and partners

Today, the first problem is to find a credible expression both in form and in substance. These are subjects that profoundly shake up preconceived ideas that can provoke irrational reactions of rejection, or refusal to examine the substance. The fact of having started all this outside of institutional circles causes clumsiness in the presentation and structuring of the subjects. It is a bit like starting with an amalgam of other subjects and caricaturing and distorting the subjects presented.

Today’s form provokes reactions that do not correspond to what the author wants to explain. The desired form is one where everyone understands the same thing regardless of their origin and culture.

For this to be the case, we need feedback from reviewers. We organize as many presentations and debates as there is demand and we are attentive to the reactions of all. Whether you are an ordinary citizen or a researcher or a politician or a civil servant, there is something in everything that is presented that can be useful to you and bring you new insights.

Beyond a form that is finally understandable, thanks to those who will take note of it and accept to react, it is difficult to say how important these concepts will become. They seem fundamental to the author but may go unnoticed, since they go against the trends of existing and recognized ideas. It is up to you to determine their importance if you ever manage to understand them.

Associates and partners are those who consider themselves as such. The subjects of this site and their novelties can only be recognized with the participation of many people, whether they are in favor, opposed or critical of what is presented.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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