Europe-Russia : 2022 Crisis

What does the Clock of the Unconscious tell us?

2 elements are necessary to get an idea of what can happen:

Since 2014, both have been involved and provide additional information:

  • The war in Ukraine started in 2014 is in line with the “War Cycle“, in the European context and this information does not seem to be known yet by the main actors involved in this crisis. It would be better if they knew it, but it is difficult for me to do more than make information available, even if hardly anyone reads it so far.
  • The “Return” of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the USSR began in 2014. It is a return of a negative type. That is, it is the opposite of the original event that gives the impression of reappearance. Russia is surfing on this impression of the return of the USSR that had never been digested. This return continues in 2022 and other returns are added to it, like the first return in 2014 of the war in Ukraine

What does the “War Cycle” tell us?

See the synthesis (accessible through the link on the word “synthesis”), recently updated as well as the European context. If he says that there will be a war, whose context will be linked to Russia and the former socialist countries, he does not say when and not necessarily in Ukraine.

What do the “Returns from the Past” tell us?

To have events punctuated simultaneously by the “War Cycle” and the “Return Theory” is rather rare, but it is the case since 2014. As a reminder, the “Return Theory” indicates that a past event, having marked the collective unconscious, can be relived at a multiple of 3085 days (8 years 5 months and a half). The most frequent occurrence is 3 times (25 years) or 6 times (50 years).

There may be occurrences of once (8 years and some to + or -6 months) but they are not very marked. There is no example of the same war restarted on a very large scale after a first return, which means that a new war Ukraine Russia on a large scale does not correspond to what is predicted by the “Return Theory”. On the other hand, the current first return may be an opportunity to relive the event of 2014. When we talk about the Ukraine-Russia war, are we talking about the 2014 one or a new one? In relative time, we are a few weeks away from the outbreak of the 2014 war. Contemporaries may be confusing the future with the past of 8 years ago. This is a possible and known effect of return phenomena.

Paradoxically, this feverish episode could provide official recognition of Russia’s direct involvement since 2014. And if Russia really does invade Ukraine, all of Russia’s political and diplomatic rhetoric since 2014 shatters. This is not in line with Putin’s and Russia’s behavior in recent years: doing and denying what is done to try to smear the opponent as much as one can and claim that he alone is responsible.

The “Return of 25 years” started in 2014 continues, but it is not known for how long. To sum it up, “Russia thinks it is the USSR but will never become the USSR again” The similarity will stop at the thirst for power without being able to compare the means of the former USSR and the current Russia. Certainly, Russia has good military assets such as hypersonic missiles, but the adventurism of some private mercenaries does not make a powerful army respected on the whole planet.


Conflicting signals are brought by 2 applications of the Clock of the Unconscious. A new all-out war between Russia and Ukraine is not the most likely. According to the actors themselves as Ukraine, the situation has not evolved on the ground and does not confirm an imminent war. Panic or exaggerated psycho-drama or confusion with the unconscious of the first return, as if we thought we were in 2014? One of these explanations is the most likely, even if nothing can be definitively excluded. A fabricated event is one of those hypotheses of a crude attempt to legitimize an action, but I still consider it unlikely. If this kind of creation of events is widely used in Russia to eliminate opponents, it is unlikely that the rest of the world is fooled by it

So it’s a wait-and-see situation, despite the loud sounds of a boot that sound more like a scare tactic than imminent action.

February 3, 2022

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