2022: a good and rich year to come

As a reminder, this is a website for the communication of the research on the Clock of the Unconscious of Naej DRANER. The communications are not systematic and regular. Only when there is something to say about one of the subjects in progress.

The information made available is partial. It will be completed as and when interest is shown by those who become aware of it. Most of the information is available, but some subjects are not yet available.

Let’s not tell ourselves a story. We don’t know if there is at least one person who has understood the whole thing accurately. The reactions are absent and oscillate between indifference and probably snickering. Is this a reason not to communicate anything? The philosophy of this site is simple: we make information available to those who want to try to understand and find an added value.

The dogs bark and the caravan passes: this is a good summary of the current situation.

Why is 2022 going to be a good and rich year?

  • First of all, it is necessary to make an assessment of the period 2010-2022: the most fruitful period since these researches were started. It will be necessary to explain why and the elements of this fruitfulness.
  • The period to come: 2022 to 2026 is already underway. The discussions begun between NATO and Russia are part of it and it is now necessary to explain the context so that those who are interested understand it and can act accordingly
  • We must try to find a form of expression that is understandable and that avoids the intellectual flight of those who read it by reacting to a subject other than the one presented. They reassure themselves by reacting or feigning indifference, but their reactions simply indicate that they have not understood and are missing the point. It is possible that the author is expressing himself or herself poorly, so an effort must be made. The author may be alone on his subject, which is a pity. It would be easier if there were reactions, but you can’t force someone to react to a subject they don’t understand.
  • Several new questions (due to the evolution of ideas) have not yet been expressed.

For all these reasons, there will be a lot to come during this year 2022. The author and the site are not dead: they will simply come out of a break.

The “Contexts” part of the “Cycle of Wars” has already been updated in December 2021

This is a very small part of the topics to be updated and explained in 2022, but it is an essential part for those who want to anticipate the future.

January 13, 2022


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