Applied studies

The applied studies are applications either of the concepts of the Clock of the Unconscious or of the concepts developed in the part “Understanding”.

  • forecasts in application of the concepts of the “Return Theory” or the “War Cycle“.
  • studies or applications of concepts or methods on contemporary conflicts/wars


Refer to the forecast page


Some conflicts give rise to

  • to simple studies
  • proposals for applied studies
  • experiments

Theory is one thing, practice can be another.

The knowledge brought by the “War Cycle” does not help to find solutions to the wars triggered or amplified by the identified cyclical phenomenon.

On the other hand, the “modeling of the outbreak of wars” opens up new avenues. A war is provoked by a set of causes that accumulate. If all of these causes exceed a “trigger threshold” the war will take place. Some of the causes (such as the cyclical phenomenon of the “War Cycle”) cannot be mitigated or removed by negotiation. Some of the other causes can be, which may be enough to avoid war or to find a new balance that will allow for a transition from war to peace.

It should therefore be possible to experiment with one or the other method to see if something practical can be derived from it.

updated on November 15, 2020