Can Trump’s denial lead to civil war?

In many developing countries, the rejection of election results can lead to the outbreak of civil war. This happens regularly in Africa.

Can this happen in the United States?

There has not yet been a pitched battle between Trump and Biden supporters. The democratic tradition of the United States should prevail, but the image of American democracy is seriously tarnished, with the impression of being in a new banana republic.

In a provocative way, one could ask the question: can the greatest democracy be transformed into a dictatorship or in a softer form: autocracy?

Everyone will answer: NO. This is true for the moment, but Trump’s behavior is a first blow to a democratic tradition that seemed to be taken for granted and institutionalized.

The current situation in the United States is a typical case of the outbreak of civil war in countries with no democratic tradition. But we all believe that this will not happen in the United States.

But let’s wait a little longer: day by day, Trump has surprises in store for us. While everyone thought he was finally going to admit defeat, a meeting on December 5 with his supporters allowed him to unroll his arsenal of untruths once again:

  • the election was stolen,
  • the election was rigged
  • We won


December 8, 2020

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